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Carrot Oil Serum

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Carrot oil serum is a dual moisturizer that helps the skin, you can use this as a daily skin regimen, primer. Light weight, improves moisturize in your skin ( use ) morning and night. You can also use this carrot oil serum for any part on the face, neck, chest. This oil serum is excellent for eczema and dry skin, serum also conditions and hydrate the skin.Ā  Our with 100% all natural ingredients no chemicals or dyes.

Carrot oil lightens the dark spots and helps to heal the scars. It is effective for numerous skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema, itching.
Almond oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, carrots, jojoba oil

With a fresh clean face, apply the Carrot oil Serum drops to skin. Make sure you use a circular motion, message on into the skin. Ours serum will a smooth natural glow with a citrus scent. ( This product shelf life 12 months )

Not tested on animals
All organicĀ 

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