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What is an Ice Roller?

An ice roller is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s a small skincare tool, (typically stored in the fridge, to keep cold) that you use to massage your face. 

Ice rollers
stimulate the lymphatic system and massage the face to get rid of puffiness and toxins, stimulate blood flow and reduce muscle tension.

Helps clear toxins and decrease puffiness, using our facial ice roller can erase wrinkles, stimulate collagen, tighten pores and potentially improve inflammatory skin conditions.



 Take the two silicone facial applicators and attach them together, fill the small hole will with distilled water. Put your favorite herbs or vegetables inside ( optional ) ** use a blender for the best experience to get all the nutrients ** put it in the freezer for 3 -4 hours. 

Simply roll the tool on your face in an upwards direction over your cheeks, around your eyes, jawline, neck, and chest area. Do it for 5-10 minutes. If you experience a pimple or breakout, roll the ice roller over it. It helps to take down the redness and soothes inflammation.

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