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No need for scented candles or sprays when you have a diffuser in your home. The scent from your essential oils will fill the room! And you’ll be able to reduce nasty smells in your home, helping clean the air of unwanted smells. A diffuser also distributes all of the scent evenly so that your entire room will get the exact amount of scent!

This Essential Oil Diffuser is an amazing addition to any home or office. Oil diffuser is used to fill the air with aroma, Essential oil will make the area a calmer and more pleasant smelling ambience. Improves sleep, stress, anxiety, body and mind relaxation.  You can even use our diffuser as a humidifier, helps with respiratory health. 



200 ML diffuser

(1)  charger 

(1)  measuring cup 

(1)  user manual 



Set up Oil Diffuser, when filling diffuser tank with water make sure use room temperature. Never turn the diffuser on unless it is filled correctly with water and cover is on. It’s recommended to add 3-7 drops of essential oil, the amount you choose to add will very according to personal preference. The size of the room - large rooms will need more oil! High or low mist options , you can choose 14 different light changes , last up to 6 hours including, four different time changes ( 1hr, 2hr, 3hr or 6hr ) Turns itself off !!!



You shouldn’t use the Oil Diffuser for hours straight at all, overexposure of the diffuser and the act of inhaling essential oils can lead to headaches. Recommended is to turn your diffuser on between one and tree times a day, for up to 30 minutes at the maximum! 

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