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Lavender Bath Salts

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Your skin will love this Soothing Lavender Bath, one bath and your skin instantly feel better! A lavender bath is excellent for relaxation, stress relief and aching muscles. What do lavender bath salts do? Salt baths have a wide array of benefits for relaxation and well-being. Enjoying a bath filled with warm water, salt, and fragrant lavender is one of the best ways to restore your mind and body after a long day. 

The Lavender bath salt benefits include:

  • improve skin health and hydration
  • reduce skin inflammation and dryness
  • relieve eczema and itchiness
  • promote sleep and stress reduction
  • soothe muscle soreness and joint pain


A lavender bath is excellent for relaxation, stress relief and aching  …. corn flowers, Epsom Salt, Essential Oil, pink salt, Roses, lavender flowers, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil 


Fill your bath tub with warm water, open bag of Soothing Oatmeal Bath and pour and enjoy. ( to help your skin properly, use a good amount and let your skin soak for 25-35 minutes ) After bath your body should feel better , to improve skin use this Soothing Oatmeal Bath once a week! One bag (1-2 uses )

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