Pink Lemonade ( 8oz )

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Kouture Xclusive

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This candle is our top seller. The aroma from this candle is unbelievable. This candle smells like a burst of berries, watermelon and fresh lemons. We have perfectly blended the most amazing essential fragrance oils to make this candle, infused with lavender flowers and fresh top-quality roses. This candle comes in a luxury glass jar, 8 oz, with a wooden black lid, slow burns for over 45 hours!


  • Trim wick to ¼” before lighting
  • Keep candle and wax pool free of any foreign material or debris, including matches and wick trimmings
  • Only burn candle on a level, fire resistant surface
  • Do not burn for more than four hours at a time
  • For soy candles, burn for at least two hours during the first time to achieve full wick pool
  • Container candles will be hot when candle is lit
  • Allow to cool before re-lighting
  • Do not move while lit or until wax hardens
  • Stop use when ¼” wax remains
  • Only burn in a suitable container

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